A Guide To Your Skin During Perimenopause

skin during perimenopause
A guide to your skin during perimenopause. Image by Rido

When it comes to perimenopause, many women feel unsure about what to expect, especially when it’s related to changes in their skin. It’s particularly difficult to navigate when there’s little mainstream conversation on the subject too. That’s why we’re here, to provide you with information, education and to carry on the conversation around perimenopause so that you can continue making the best decisions for your skin health.

The post-40s skin shift

Perimenopause precedes menopause and is a natural stage in the life of every woman. During this time, many of us will start to notice changes in our skin. Beyond fine lines and wrinkles, these changes often occur in two main ways:

  1. Dry Skin
    During perimenopause, our oestrogen levels tend to drop. This has an effect on the level of collagen in our skin and oil production too. As a result, our skin becomes thinner and can also become dry. A compromised moisture barrier further means our skin is more exposed and sensitive to environmental factors, such as the sun and pollution. Barrier-building moisturisers and face oils can help to protect the skin from rashes that can occur and exacerbate dryness.
  1. Breakouts
    As our oestrogen levels fall, so testosterone becomes unregulated and more influential on the behaviour of our skin. One of the side effects of too much testosterone is acne that appears similar to teenage varieties. Other signs of increased testosterone include facial hair and hair loss.

Every body is unique

It’s important to note – the skin shift that occurs at this point is just another change in our bodies, as also occurred in our teens. It’s also not experienced in the same way by every woman.

For example, while some women experience a surge in hormones, others experience a decline. For some women the dryness is patchy, but for others it’s extensive. Some women experience the changes overnight, whereas others find the changes are more gradual. For skin of colour, perimenopause can appear very differently, and the skin shift can focus more on changes in melanin distribution and hyperpigmentation.

However, despite this, it is possible for every woman to achieve healthy skin that makes them feel good.

Finding the right skincare for you

Our skin changes throughout our lives, from the moment we’re born through to our later years. In order to find the right care for our skin at each stage of its life, we need to adopt a holistic approach that considers skincare but also factors, such as hormone health, stress and drinking enough water.

When you take the time to understand how perimenopause is affecting your skin, you have greater power in the way you proceed to adapt your skincare routine and find products and techniques that work to nourish it to better health. This might mean investing time in more research or taking part in conversations about perimenopause and women’s health.

If you need help finding the right skincare for your skin, consider starting with my top tip, below.

**Top Tip**

Observe your skin over the course of your next menstrual cycle. How does it feel? Is it the same as yesterday? What does it look like? It might help to note the answers to these questions in a notebook.

If your skin does become uncomfortable, focus on keeping a healthy routine, drinking enough water and investing in good nutrition over strong skincare products. Once the month is complete, you’ll have an idea of your skin needs and can use this as a basis for building your skincare routine.

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What changes have you experienced in your skin during perimenopause?

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