Sofia LatifI am a 40-something year old woman who has been passionate about beauty and skincare most of my life. I became interested in oils when my skin became hypersensitive in my late 20s, caused by the stress of seeing my father suffer with cancer.

I started experimenting with oils to see if they would help soothe and heal my skin, which it did and still does. Having searched high and low for a blend that would do all the things I wanted it to (soothe, strengthen, soften, brighten, moisturise, and still be suitable for sensitive skin), I started working on perfecting my own blend; a blend that will strengthen skin, keep it supple, retain its elasticity, and allow it to age with grace.

My passion led me to start a blog, and then the seed of an idea took root. And here we are now. My skin is still sensitive, and I find that I have fewer reactions to products now. A large part of that is due to me predominantly using oils, especially at night when the skin is allowed to breathe and heal. I have found night creams to be too heavy, leaving my skin congested. Oils have been my skin saviour. I hope they are for you too.

A quick note of thanks
This goes to my creative gurus who have worked with me to develop the brand’s look and feel. Astrid D’Hondt and Francesco D’Urso patiently listened to my ramblings, and created something I feel very proud of.

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