Skin is going to age, there is no getting away from that, but we can help it age more gracefully by making sure skin is healthy, supple and elastic. Skin does its best work at night, so feeding it with the purest plant oils, which contain active botanicals, and is free from synthetic oils, mineral oils, and any harmful preservatives, will give it the best chance possible to rest, breathe and recover.

I also believe that our time is precious, and we don’t have time for complicated skincare routines. Using the time at the end of each day to reconnect mind to senses, soothing your mood and skin at the same time is a more holistic approach to skincare. How you use a product is as important as what you use on your skin.



We believe you want to know exactly what is in the product you are using, so we list our ingredients on the bottle and on the website, so that you can make an informed choice. Only you will know if an allergen from an essential oil is going to affect your skin. There are no GMO oils, palm oil, sulphates, phthalates, paraben, or perfume contained in the blend. We are transparent about our ingredients, and have also listed any allergens which are naturally occurring in the essential oils.



We don’t test on animals, and do not use suppliers who test on animals. I have been testing the oils on myself, and my friends and family who have wanted to be a part of this journey.



Our packaging is recyclable – the bottles are made of glass, the box they come in is made of cardboard, the postage envelopes are made of recycled material, and our accompanying stationery is printed on recycled paper. Every endeavour is made to be as responsible and sustainable as possible, however, the pipette tops are made of plastic. We are working to find alternatives to this :). We offer a return for recycling service, details of which we can send to you if you email us at We offer 10% off your next purchase for using this service.



It feels good to do good, so linking each purchase with a charitable donation means you are making a difference to someone’s life. But it’s a charitable donation with a purpose – by working with Lendwithcare (who provides micro-loans), we are empowering women who want to work their own way out of poverty through their small business. You can see exactly who we have supported here, and read their stories and the impact we are having on their lives.



Founder Sofia Latif

Founder Sofia Latif

I am Sofia Latif, the founder. In my late 20s my skin became hypersensitive, during a very challenging period of my life – my father was terminally ill and the stress was showing on my skin. Nothing helped to ease the sensitivity, and prescribed medication was not the solution for me – I didn’t want to thin my skin by using hydrocortisone. That is when I started to experiment with oils, and found sweet almond oil and rosehip oil to be my saviours at that time. The next step for me was to test out oils which could tackle issues such as scarring (which Indian skin is very prone to), dry skin, uneven skin tone, fine lines, breakouts, and open pores. Since then, my passion, knowledge and love for oils has grown, and now we are here. I finally have a blend to soothe, strengthen, soften, brighten, and moisturise my skin.

I still have sensitive skin, but rarely have a reaction to products, and I put this down to 15 years of using my face oil. Night creams have come and gone, but nothing is as effective at creating a smooth canvas than my face oil. And now I can share this passion with you. I hope you love using it as much as I do.





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