Battling dry skin – could your cleanser be the culprit?

Gentle cleansers help prevent dry skin
Gentle cleansers help prevent dry skin

Dry skin happens to everyone, even when skin is oily or combination in nature. When skin is feeling oily, our natural reaction is to cleanse more vigorously, adding scrubs to the routine, a face wash or mask, and even some AHAs or BHAs (which exfoliate the skin).

What I have learnt is that it doesn’t help to strip skin of make up and natural oils with a cleanser, and then work hard to replace everything that has been stripped away by using serums, oils and moisturisers.

Creating balanced skin is a balancing act in itself. Using a hydrating cleanser which doesn’t strip skin of its natural oils will help clear up dry patches. A cleansing oil or balm will nourish skin whilst removing make up. If these feel too rich for you, then a micellar water or cleansing water is a great and gentle substitute.


Face or body wash containing SLS will dry out skin.

Some face washes and scrubs contain SLS – Sodium Laureth / Lauryl Sulphate – which is what makes soap and washes foam up. Have you noticed how your hands feel dry after using soap? It is because of SLS. SLS ends up in face washes, scrubs, and even the ones branded as suitable for sensitive skin and children. This ingredient could be the culprit that is stopping you winning your battle against dry skin.

Does your favourite cleanser contain SLS?


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