Carry-on essentials for the conscious traveller

Carry on essentials for the conscious traveller. Image by Andrian Valeanu from Pixabay
Carry on essentials for the conscious traveller. Image by Andrian Valeanu from Pixabay

More and more of us are seeking sustainable products in all areas of our lives; investing in reusability over single use items. It’s certainly becoming easier to find what we want and need without having to compromise on quality.

Today we’re bringing you our guide to carry-on essentials for a comfortable, ethical travel experience which of course gives your skin some TLC too!

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First up is something we can’t go anywhere without now. A reusable water bottle, such as One Green Bottle or S’well, is a great way to reduce your plastic usage, save money and keep hydrated during your journey. Flying dehydrates you as the humidity is much lower than you are used to on the ground, so drinking enough water is important to avoid feeling unwell. As you get into the holiday spirit, you may also choose to consume alcohol on the plane. Alcohol is a diuretic meaning it causes the body to pass more liquid and dehydrates you quicker, so make sure you also consume at least an equal amount of water too.

In most airports, if your bottle is bigger than 100ml then it will need to be empty for security checks but don’t worry – you can fill it up for free at a cafe or restaurant once you have passed through. We recommend doing this before boarding as the ‘tap water’ on the plane is generally only safe to drink in larger quantities when boiled.

If you are taking a long haul journey, you may also be offered in-flight meals which often come in plastic containers with plastic cutlery, making them easy for the attendants to dispose of. Instead, we suggest ordering your own reusable bamboo cutlery such as these by Surfers Against Sewage and politely declining the cutlery offered to you. Reusable cutlery is also great to have with you, not just during your holiday but for any on-the-go lunches or snacks. Simply hand wash these and store for the next time.

Cutlery isn’t the only option available to you made out of bamboo. A bamboo toothbrush such as this one from Bambaw is a biodegradable product which can be recycled and composted after lots of use. Pick one up to keep your mouth fresh and healthy during your flight and throughout your holiday.

Verry Kerry Parisian rouge kimono
La Aquarelle sleep masks

When it’s time to sit back and relax, get comfortable in our favourite ethical kimono from Verry Kerry and pop on a vegan eye mask like the La Aquarelle sleep mask. Support your head with a bamboo travel pillow and reduce screen time with a book/magazine or plug in your earphones and listen to your favourite podcast or audiobook.


As we mentioned earlier, flights dehydrate you so a carefully considered skincare routine for travelling is important. Depending on the duration of your journey, you might like to pamper your skin at the start and end of it.

For our own in-flight skincare, we always opt for a travel-sized cleanser and a few spritzes of homemade toner (made from rose and orange floral water) – this allows us to remove any impurities, feel refreshed and give ourselves a blank canvas for our next (most important) products to truly get to work.

We follow this with a travel-sized moisturiser to deeply nourish the skin and a small amount of our face oil (available in 10ml or 30ml) to retain moisture, protect against the plane’s air circulation system and repair the skin’s barrier. To receive the full benefits and feel completely relaxed, why not try giving yourself a face massage? Watch our guides on Youtube here which you can do with your fingers or our rose quartz gua sha. Massaging helps to push products deeper into the skin, bringing blood to the surface – oxygen and nutrients then come with it and toxins get taken away. Finish up with a lip balm for extra moisture there.

Before you arrive at your destination, apply SPF and get your sunglasses ready – remember you need to protect your skin; makeup or no makeup, sunny day or rainy day, light skinned or dark skinned. Now relax and enjoy that well-earned break.

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