Face Oil As A Pre-treatment In The Morning

Face oil as a pre-treatment in the morning. Photo by Irina Kvyatkovskaya

Do you have those days where you wake and skin is feeling tight and a little bit stiff, and looking a bit dull? I do, and sometimes there can be no obvious reason for it. When that happens, I tend to use some face oil as a pre-treatment before jumping in the shower. There is nothing complicated or fancy about this – just a few drops warmed in hands and massaged (quickly) into skin, then left for a few minutes whilst I make a cup of tea or go for a run or a yoga class. I wash it off in the shower using my regular cleanser, after which skin feels more supple again and has a natural glow.

For me, it’s habitual, and I don’t just do it on days when skin is feeling tight. I love one morning of my weekend to be a lazy one, where I use some oil as a pre-treatment and get on with lazing, mooching and generally being deservedly unproductive.

The oil helps soften any dead skin cells, making them easier to slough off when washing skin, leaving fresh and smooth skin behind. Do you have a lazy morning routine which helps improve the health of your skin?




  1. 27/09/2018 / 00:18

    Wow 17 haha I thought I was obsessed. I believe you saw my collection on instagram 😊

    • Sofia
      27/09/2018 / 12:00

      Yes, and an impressive collection it was!

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