Face oil as a pre-treatment in the morning

Face oil pre-treatment
Face oil pre-treatment

Do you have those days where you wake and skin is feeling tight and a little bit stiff? I do, and there can be no obvious reason for it. When that happens, I tend to use some face oil as a pre-treatment before jumping in the shower. There is nothing complicated or fancy about this – just a few drops warmed in hands and massaged (quickly) into skin, then left for a few minutes whilst I make a cup of tea or go for a run or a yoga class. I wash it off in the shower using my regular cleanser, after which skin feels less tight and more supple again.

For me, it’s habitual, and I don’t just do it on days when skin is feeling tight. I love one morning of my weekend to be a lazy one, where I use some oil as a pre-treatment and get on with lazing, mooching and generally being deservedly unproductive. Any face oil will do – I currently have 17 bottles (yes, you read that correctly, 17) of oil in my bathroom, only two of which are my own blends! You could say I am obsessed with oil.

Do you have a lazy morning routine which helps improve the health of your skin?




  1. 27/09/2018 / 00:18

    Wow 17 haha I thought I was obsessed. I believe you saw my collection on instagram 😊

    • Sofia
      27/09/2018 / 12:00

      Yes, and an impressive collection it was!

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