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Founder Story – Sofia Latif

Founder Sofia Latif

Founder Sofia Latif

I am Sofia Latif, the founder, and this is my story. In my late 20s my skin became hypersensitive and I developed stress eczema during a very challenging period of my life – my father was terminally ill and the stress was showing on my skin. Nothing helped to ease the sensitivity, and prescribed medication was not the solution for me – I didn’t want to compromise the strength of my skin by using hydrocortisone. There were no products on the market which seemed to help alleviate the sensitivity, or stop my skin from relapsing and developing eczema.

That is when I started to experiment with oils, and found sweet almond oil and rosehip oil to be my saviours at that time. The next step for me was to research and find oils which could tackle issues such as scarring (which South Asian skin is very prone to), dry skin, uneven skin tone, fine lines, breakouts, and open pores. I tested and trialled all the blends on myself over the course of 15 years, until I was happy with the results, and my skincare line – Sofia Latif™ – was born.

Everything I have done has brought me to where I am today… my Biological Sciences degree sparked and fuelled my hunger to understand the human body; 20 years of working in advertising and communications fuelled my desire to work with companies with a greater purpose than just profits; a Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Social Responsibility showed me how businesses can have a social purpose too; and working for an NGO in Uganda and being able to see first-hand how women, when empowered to work, can support not just themselves but also their families and communities. I was inspired to bring all of this together to create a business that is more than a skincare brand. It is a purposeful business that makes a real difference to lives.

I still have sensitive skin and stressful times, but rarely have a reaction to products or get stress eczema. Lifestyle changes, my outlook, and my skincare routine have all helped. My skincare routine has become a ritual, which includes a face massage using my face and eye oils – a mini-meditation at the end of every day, before bed. And now I get to share my passion and lifestyle approach with you, so that you can also feel comfortable and confident in your skin. I know you will love using our products as much as I do, and your own journey to healthy and radiant skin.

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