Getting Ready For Autumn, The Slow Living Way

ready for autumn
Getting Ready For Autumn, The Slow Living Way. Photo by Alena Ozerova


It certainly feels like autumn is late to start this year. The days may be getting shorter and it is getting darker earlier in the evenings, but the weather has been unseasonably warm. Yet the season of crispy leaves underfoot and a chill in the air will arrive soon enough, with cosy evenings, layers and hot chocolates becoming our norm. So how can we prepare to welcome the usual, charming characteristics of autumn, and keep our mood and spirits lifted, especially with the year we have had? We’re bringing you our favourite ways to get ourselves ready for autumn below…




  • Schedule something you love to do at least once a week – dancing, gardening, singing, playing an instrument, star gazing, taking photos of the changing landscape – whatever it may be. We love trying new things we’ve found on Pinterest like following a new recipe or getting crafty and making our own door wreath.


  • Get some natural light, at least 20 minutes at a time – go for a walk during the day, at lunchtime and try to get some natural light as soon as you wake.


  • Connect intentionally with friends or family for 5-10 minutes a day – a phone call, video chat, or socially distanced face-to-face.


  • Allocate time for a mindful moment – we use our skincare routine for this, but it could also be a luxurious bath, a slow shower, listening to a podcast in your favourite chair, having a massage, or just 5 minutes of deep breathing with your eyes closed.


  • Switch your skincare – remember to pay close attention to how your skin is changing and what it really needs. As the time for tinted moisturisers and peach/coral tones comes to an end, give your makeup bag, brushes and cloths a good clean and pull out the products you’ll be using going forward. Don’t forget you’ll still need your SPF!


  • Make your home snug – this could be as straightforward as decorating with your favourite seasonal candles, bringing out the blankets, swapping your bedding, putting away your summer clothes, setting the dining table for wholesome meals, or moving your special mug to the front of the cupboard.


  • Keep on top of your nutrition – it is tempting to eat more stodgy food when it is cold outside but comforting food can still be nutritious. If you’re finding you have more time on your hands being at home, pull out that slow cooker and try batch cooking with in-season vegetables or baking some warm, healthy desserts with tasty apples or cinnamon.


  • Stay with any slow living habits you have formed this year. More of us have been forced to adopt a calm, considered way of living in lockdown. We’ve reconnected with ourselves and the people and simple pleasures that are most important to us. We’ve woken up to the fact the fast-paced lifestyle isn’t healthy or sustainable and realised that slow living helps us to lead healthier lives. On this note, our final tip is to work on making slow living permanent and consciously carve out time for the aspects that have brought joy and peace, ultimately ending the year by slowing down for the festive season and setting intentions for the new year.



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