How to de-puff skin following an indulgent few days

body massage with a scrub to de-puff skin
A coffee scrub to boost circulation in skin

Skin is too quick to give up the secret of an indulgent few days, showing up as puffy and dry, unpredictable and grey. Not indulging just isn’t an option sometimes.

The quickest and easiest way to de-puff skin and bring it back to health is to drink lots of water, and to move. Moving our bodies will support our lymphatic system in draining away excess fluid and waste. Plus massaging the skin on our body and face will help the lymphatic system to drain, reduce puffiness and boost circulation to the skin, bringing nutrients and oxygen to the surface, which is what helps skin to maintain health from the inside.


Our favourite technique for a face massage

face massage technique to de-puff skin
A simple face massage technique

We like to keep things simple when de-puffing skin on our face. Massage some face oil into skin and follow the arrows shown in the diagram above with your fingers or a face roller, applying light pressure on the outward motion. Doing this for a couple of minutes is ideal, ending with running fingers down the sides of the face and neck to drain away into the lymph nodes located in the neck.


Our favourite technique for a body massage

We love using a dry body brush before a shower or a coffee or salt scrub massaged into dry skin before showering to help with circulation, and to de-puff skin by activating the lymphatic system. Using a circular motion, work your way towards your heart from feet, hands, and back of neck. Massage for as long as you like – a few minutes as a minimum.

You could, of course, treat yourself to a facial, and full body scrub and massage, following a long walk… sheer bliss. What do you do to de-puff following a few days of indulgence?

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