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How To Keep On Top Of Your Wellbeing. Photo by Alena Ozerova


For many of us, this is shaping up to be a winter like no other. In the middle of another national lockdown and swiftly approaching the festive season, we’re full of uncertainty instead of the usual Christmas cheer. We don’t know if or when we will be able to get together with our families and friends, regardless of whether we celebrate the holidays. The one thing we do know is that keeping on top of our wellbeing – physical, mental and emotional (as they are all intertwined) – is important.

Today we want to bring you a short post, surfacing the tips we’ve previously published about wellbeing, making it easy for you to access, and to remind you of some of the easy ways in which you can make yourself feel better. When we are in the throes of feeling low, we can forget some of these tips. We’ll also be calling out our favourite tips from each of the posts too. But before we share that, there is one top tip that will help carry you through this time: be extra kind to yourself. We can, sometimes, be incredibly hard on ourselves, and this ends up tainting our view of the world – it shifts our perspective. Kindness comes in many forms, but making yourself a priority is one of them. We believe that self-care is more than just bubble baths and pampering; self-care has morphed into self-love.



  • We tend to be aware of what activities bring us joy and may even make a mental or verbal commitment to doing more of them, but how many of us ever carve out the time? This year, we’ve been getting it down in the diary as a recurring event and consistently holding space – a great way to follow through and regularly create opportunities for joy to flow into our lives. Read more like this in our post, Getting Ready For Autumn, The Slow Living Way.


  • Perhaps one of the simplest ways to turn the mundane into a mindful moment is to slow down the physical process. This year, for us, skincare and makeup haven’t been about routines – they’ve been about rituals. Grant yourself permission to take the time to unwind, to notice sensations and fragrance notes, to truly care for yourself. We spend so much of our lives in a rush but we’ve been given this chance to see what’s possible for our minds and bodies when we slow down. Read more like this in our post, How Slow Living Is Helping Us To Lead Healthier Lives.


  • One of our favourite learnings from this year that can still carry us forward is the wonder of discovery and re-discovery. We’re feeling thankful for the opportunity this year to reconnect with ourselves and what’s really important to us. We’ve tried new things, we’ve re-introduced things and we’ve lived more in the moment. We’ve opened our minds and re-prioritised – something for us all to continue to live by. Read more like this in our post, Making Slow Living Permanent.


  • Practising gratitude is something we have been consistent with this year. We’ve noticed our perspective change when we haven’t worked on this regularly, particularly as it’s been easier than ever to be consumed by bad news and pessimistic views. By focusing on what we do have, what is in our control and what we have to look forward to, it’s helped to shift our mindset and feel positive and empowered even in challenging times. Read more like this in our post, Slowing Down For The Festive Season.


Sending you love and light at this time. Staying positive isn’t easy, but know that this will pass, and more positive days are around the corner.


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