How to use our face and eye oils

how to use face oil
Face massage technique

The best time to use our face oil and eye oil is at night, when skin rests, recovers, and rejuvenates. They are suitable for all skin types – use less if you have oily skin, more if your skin is dry. If your skin is hypersensitive then you may find the essential oils are not suitable.

They are easy to use – a few drops of face oil warmed in hands and massaged into clean skin every night, on its own or after a serum, is enough to make a difference. An eye massage with our eye oil will help relieve tension that has built up in the day. We encourage you to gently massage skin for a few minutes to help the oil to fully absorb into the skin, and pay particular attention to problem areas. 

Our face oil is versatile, and can be mixed into moisturiser for an extra boost if skin is feeling dry. If skin is feeling oily, then only use 1 or 2 drops on its own on bare skin. Occasionally we use our face oil in the morning on days when we’re am not wearing make up.



How to use our rose quartz face roller for best results


rose quartz rolling
Rose quartz rolling

After you have massaged your skin with some face oil, use the roller to massage the areas of the face where tension typically builds up, moving from the centre of the face outwards. Target areas such as between the eye brows, around the mouth, and along the eye socket:

♦ Roll the large roller upwards between the eyebrows and away to the temple on either side

♦ Move to rolling along the cheek bones, from nose to ear, then down the side of the face to the neck

Roll down the neck from the jawline, and down the décolleté

And then along the jawline from under the chin

Finally, using the smaller end roll around the eye socket, moving from inner eye, along the top of the eye brow, down around the bottom of the eye and back around again.

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