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Is a detox worth it for healthy skin?

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*Spoiler alert* it all depends on what is meant by a detox.

It’s that time of year when we give ourselves a hard time for being indulgent over the festive period, and we go on a detox as a counterbalance. A detox means different things to different people; for some it’s giving up certain foods or drinks, for others it’s taking supplements, or drinking green juices, or smoothies, or taking an enema, or going for a colonic… there are so many interpretations of a ‘detox’.



Consulting a functional nutritionist is probably the healthiest way to support detoxing in the body, but we don’t have the time to consult one, right here, right now.

Note, we said ‘support detoxing in the body’. This is because the body is pretty adept at detoxing itself – the liver is our main organ for ridding the body of any unnecessary toxins, and it works all the time to do this. Every day and every night, whether we have been overindulgent or not. The kidneys also filter the blood of any toxins, the lymphatic system drains away waste from cells, and the skin also helps to eliminate toxins from the body. All-in-all, the body is already in detox-mode, ramping up functions as and when needed.

One quick win is to not give ourselves a hard time about an indulgent few weeks – there is no point adding stress into the equation. Other quick wins (and not new-news) are to drink more water to aid in elimination, eat more plant-based foods to increase vitamins and minerals without overloading the digestive system, use massage to help skin do its job, slather on a face mask and relax in an epsom salt or magnesium flake bath to help draw out impurities from skin. *



Extreme detoxes can result in skin reacting with rashes and breakouts, which feels like the opposite of healthy. In fact, any drastic change in diet and hydration will result in skin looking and feeling different. If the eyes are the windows to our souls, skin is the window to our lifestyle (although some skin conditions are hormonal or genetic). Our view is to be gentle both on ourselves and on our skin. The skin will improve as the body detoxes and resets itself, naturally. Sleep and hydration will allow it to do its job to recover and regenerate, but it will take time, and extreme detoxes or supplementation or colonics won’t get us there any faster.

We’re saving on expensive detox treatments, and getting outside in the fresh air. We know we will feel better for it 😊. Do you detox? And if you do, how do you like to do it? Comment below please, we would love to hear from you.

* Advice given by a Functional Nutritionist. Individual results may vary.

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