Is Dry Body Brushing Worth The Hype?

dry body brushing
Is Dry Body Brushing Worth The Hype? Photo by Skavinskaia Maria


Dry body brushing has been practised for centuries in many different cultures but has more recently evolved into one of the hottest trends to try. So what is it? It’s just as it sounds – it involves using a dry, natural brush to exfoliate and massage the skin on your body through brush strokes, most beneficial on dry skin.

While some argue that it may cause more harm than good – particularly if you suffer from eczema or psoriasis – below we’ll be uncovering the benefits, revealing our thoughts and passing on our top tips and our founder’s favourite products to help you to get the most out of dry body brushing…



  • Dry body brushing is an effective way of exfoliating the skin. Using the brush helps to remove any flakes and dry skin patches, and removes dead skin cells which clog pores from the epidermis (the top layer of the skin). In doing so, it encourages cell turnover, allows our skincare products to be absorbed easily and improves the appearance of the skin by revealing fresher, softer, healthier and more luminous skin.
  • It can prevent ingrown hairs by clearing dead skin cells that trap hair from the roots under the skin’s surface.
  • Dry body brushing increases circulation, boosts our immune system, stimulates lymphatic drainage and discourages fluid retention. It is important to keep our circulatory system healthy as this plays an essential role in supplying oxygen and nutrients to all body cells. As a result of increased blood flow, the oxygenated blood will improve skin tone/texture and elasticity of the skin’s surface. Our lymphatic system will also become more efficient enabling bacteria, toxins and waste products in the blood to more easily drain through lymph nodes and be destroyed by the body. This is said to help with cellulite; we believe it helps to improve the appearance of the skin, making it feel softer and look more radiant but we do not believe cellulite can be banished completely as it is a normal part of our bodies.
  • It stimulates our nervous system, revitalises the body and leaves you feeling more energised before a shower. For this reason, we recommended that you dry brush your body in the morning rather than just before going to bed as it’s a wonderful, invigorating pick-me-up for starting the day.



  • Before having a bath/shower use your dry body brush to make long, pressured, sweeping strokes upwards towards your heart, starting with the soles of your feet. Work your way up your body – the front and back of your knees, legs, thighs, hips and bum continuing to use the same method.
  • Vary pressure depending on the sensitivity of the skin. When you reach your stomach area, armpits and breast area, remember that these are the more sensitive areas of your body. Holding the brush, move it in a circular motion but only lightly press the brush over these areas.
  • Go back to using long, more pressured, sweeping strokes to brush your hands, lower arms, elbows, upper arms, shoulders and back.
  • This whole process only takes a few minutes. Follow this with a bath or shower, moisturising the skin when you get out to replenish any moisture that has been lost. Dry body brushing can also be done after a bath/shower with some Body Oil like ours.



Do not scrub or do this more than 2-3 times per week as this can dry out the skin and cause superficial damage to the skin’s surface.




dry body brushing
Japanese Style Body Brush

Ecco-Verde Cose della Natura Japanese Style Body Brush

This can be used for dry or wet exfoliation but as with any dry body brushes, you get the benefit of a deeper exfoliating treatment and massage if the brush is used dry. This brush can reach those hard to reach areas of the body but should not be used on the face or on any damaged or irritated skin.




dry body brushing
Cactus Long Handle Brush

The Body Shop Cactus Long Handle Brush

The long handle (approximately 35cm) and head size (approximately 10cm long x 8cm wide) also makes it easy to get to those hard to reach areas of the body. Ideal for dry body brushing but can also be used in the shower, this brush is made with cactus bristles and recycled wood from dead trees.






For us, dry body brushing is worth the hype! It gives the ritual of a bath or shower a spa-like feel to it while we manually massage our skin. Even by just taking a few minutes, it offers you a moment of relaxation and self-care to focus and connect with your body whilst providing benefits to the skin from inside and out.


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