Jasmine essential oil – a natural mood enhancer

jasmine essential oil
Jasmine flower – the oil is extracted from the petals

I’ve been geeking out at the science behind why jasmine essential oil is a mood enhancer. I love it when scientific studies confirm what aromatherapists and holistic practitioners have known for centuries, suffice it to say, it does give some comfort to anyone getting ready to part with their hard earned cash.

I’m continuing my series of blog posts on the ingredients used in our face oil (moringa seed oil and pomegranate seed oil were covered previously). Jasmine essential oil has been part of the blend right from the beginning, with it being the 3rd addition to the blend, after sweet almond oil and rosehip oil, and I used this trio for a while before introducing any of the other oils.


Therapeutic smell of jasmine

Smell has the power to transport you back into your memories more powerfully than sound or sight. I love the smell of jasmine because it reminds me of summer evenings in the garden, and there is something quite romantic about the scent of the flowers being most potent later on in the day, helping the mind to relax and switch off. It is perfect for an end-of-day stress reliever and happiness reviver. It is also a natural aphrodisiac, which makes sense because the flower releases its heady fragrance at night, getting you ready to get it on :).


Don’t just take my word for it

This is where I geeked out on the science – there are plenty of studies linking jasmine essential oil to mood enhancement, and I have selected only two, which have shown that positive feelings are increased with the smell of jasmine, and the nervous system is said to be stimulated, affecting mood states 1. Plus it has a stimulating effect, uplifting moods and creating more emotional alertness 2 in the person using it. Jasmine has been used in Ayurveda for centuries, and is tridoshic – suitable for all 3 dosha types – in short, beneficial to all.


Skin suitability

But this is a skincare oil after all, and each ingredient has a role to play. As I am a firm believer in skin needing to be elastic in order for it to move with ease, and age with grace, I included jasmine essential oil in the formulation for its toning and balancing properties – moisturising dry skin, whilst its anti-bacterial action assists with breakouts. It helps with fading scars by increasing cell turnover, and has been used in dermatology to help with inflammation and dry skin, which can all cause skin to lose its suppleness. I have sensitive skin, and am cautious about using essential oils in my skincare, however jasmine essential oil is one of the few that I find calms my skin, and doesn’t cause irritation.


Signature Face Oil

It’s all natural

I’ve deliberately created a face oil which uses natural scents – the smell comes from the essential oils themselves, as well as the other oils in the blend. There is no fragrance or perfume added to mask the natural smell of the oils, because it goes against what we are trying to do with this brand. It is all about being natural, free from any synthetic ingredients, and most important of all, transparent. We come how we are.








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Individual results may vary. Not suitable for anyone allergic to jasmine essential oil.

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