Making Slow Living Permanent

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Making Slow Living Permanent. Photo by Olinda


We love slow living. It is a conscious choice we make each day so that we can live life as fully as possible and appreciate every moment. Being present allows us to remain balanced in mood and wellbeing, feeling connected to ourselves and the world around us. When the pandemic hit, it forced many to slow down and embrace slow living but now that we are being prompted to return to our offices and back to the old routine, how much of our slow living can we hold on to, and how can we make it permanent?

Assess what you enjoyed about slowing down, and prioritise these over other things. Whenever we think about setting intentions or looking to make something a consistent part of our lives, we always like to start with reflecting and there hasn’t ever been a better time to do so. Slowing down has certainly given us more headspace, made us more aware of our thoughts and actions, afforded us the opportunity to consider what is most important and practice gratitude for even the smallest things.

It’s been amazing to hear so many people say that they have discovered/re-discovered their local areas or have completely embraced having more time at home with their partner, children, pets or just by themselves. Use this as a chance to assess what you enjoyed about slowing down and re-prioritise; making them your non-negotiables over other commitments, placing them at the top of your to-do list, blocking them out in your calendar or keeping them at the front of your mind. Whether it was a creative task, long walks, all sitting down together or reading more, schedule these into your week because they will feed your mind and soul.

We know how hectic things can get but that’s all the more reason to incorporate those self-caring, joyful moments in your day and your week. Commitments work best when you enjoy them and when they can fit seamlessly into your routine, like preparing lunch at home so you can spend lunchtime mindfully eating and then going out for a walk, chatting with friends/colleagues or perhaps just sitting, reading or listening to a podcast.

Our new normal is an opportunity for us all to stop living on auto-pilot and going through the motions of everyday life. These past few months have taught us that a work/life balance is possible. Intentions and boundaries are the keys to making slow living permanent. Here’s to a life/work balance rather than the other way around!


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