Marula seed oil – a miracle oil

marula fruit marula seed oil
Marula fruit, whose seed is used to make Marula seed oil

Another one of the oils in our signature blend of face oil, marula seed oil has been dubbed a ‘miracle oil’, due to its nourishing and hydrating profile –  high in vitamins C and E, Essential Fatty Acids, and anti-oxidants – all working to protect and improve skin tone. It is fast absorbing and suitable for all skin types, from oily to dry to sensitive, just one of the reasons it is called a ‘miracle oil’. It is a multi-purpose oil which has been used on skin, hair and nails by the Ovambo women in northern Namibia for centuries.

Some science behind why Essential Fatty Acids and anti-oxidants are good to have in skincare products, and not just in a healthy diet, for the geeks amongst us :).



Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are needed in a healthy diet because they are the building blocks of healthy cell membranes, ensuring they remain flexible to allow nutrients in and waste out. They  also help skin cells to retain moisture by helping strengthen skin’s barrier function, which in turn keeps skin from getting dry. But why do we need it on the outside of skin too? EFAs in skincare and oils penetrate into skin quickly as they are able to travel through the outer layers of skin with ease, and are therefore able to do their work to create healthy cell membranes from the outside too. 1

There are multiple health benefits of EFAs apart from just what they do for skin, they support a healthy heart, bone, metabolism, and more, which I won’t cover, suffice it to say, we need EFAs in our diet.



Marula seed oil (technically the seed is a nut), is 60% higher in anti-oxidants than many of the oils used in skincare, which is a good thing. Anti-oxidants protect the skin against damaging free radicals. Vitamins C and E are the anti-oxidants in Marula seed oil, and they work by neutralising the free radicals in the outer layers of the skin, which are formed when skin is exposed to pollution, UV, and anything which can stress out skin such as chemicals and smoke. This action then sends a signal to the body to kick start anti-oxidant action for anything deeper in the skin. Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant which boosts collagen production and brightens skin. Vitamin E helps against the damage caused by UVA exposure.



Marula seed oil has moisturising and protecting properties, helping to maintain and create healthy skin. Easily absorbed by the skin, it helps improve skin tone and elasticity, as well as hydration. Our marula seed oil is from South Africa.

1. [Essential Fatty Acids and Skin Health, Oregon State University]



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