Night-time Nourishment – Face Oils vs Creams

Face Oils vs Creams
Night-time nourishment – Face Oils vs Creams. Image by Irina Kvyatkovskaya.

When it comes to skincare, it can be difficult to know what kinds of products to invest in, when there are just so many different ones on the market. Here at SL Towers, we swear by a few staples – one of these is a good night and day cream duo.

The difference is night and day

Day creams work in a completely different way to night creams, and you need both in order to ensure that your skin not only has the maximum protection but is also nourished with ingredients that work best at certain times of the day.

During the day one of the biggest concerns is the sun and so a good SPF cream is a necessary part of your skincare routine. However, your night-time skin care needs just as much consideration, as this is the time of the day when your skin does most of the hard work. At night, our bodies are busy going through a process of repair and restoration while we sleep. With this in mind, creams and oils for the night tend to be more enriched, heavier and contain a higher concentration of photo-sensitive ingredients like retinol and peptides, which are great for our skin but can increase skin sensitivity during the day in the sun.

What should I use?

The popularity of face oils has grown exponentially over the last few years, so what does that mean for traditional night creams?

While some people have made the switch from cream to oil, others have doubled up their night-time care, using both. The bottom line is that, as with everything, there’s no one size fits all. When it comes to your nightly skincare routine, choose what works best for you.

Need some help making the choice? Here’s a breakdown of the properties and benefits of face oils and creams in a nutshell:

Face oils – calming and moisture-locking

Aromatherapy face oils can be a calming and mindful way to end your day and prepare your mind and skin for sleep. If your skin feels slightly on the dry side, drop a few drops of your favourite oil in the palm of your hand and massage slowly into your face and neck to help nourish your skin with the vitamins and ingredients it needs to wake up feeling soft and deeply nourished.

Creams – hydrating and intensive

If you’re looking to promote cell turnover and renewal, then creams rich in ceramides are great to rebuild and hydrate the skin overnight. Night creams can be light or rich, contain a mix of oil and water, and some actives depending on what your skin needs. If you find you wake up with dry and tight skin in the morning, you may be experiencing transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Try combining your night cream routine with a face oil, to seal in the moisture.

Support your best skin health

While the skincare market is always evolving, our message is the same – your skin care should always support the best skin health for you. When it comes to your night-time routine, face oils and creams are both nourishing options to consider and will help you to wake with nourished skin, whatever option or combination you choose.

Top Tip

Carry out your evening skincare routine a few hours before you go to bed, rather than just before you’re about to turn out the light. Not only will this give you enough time to remove any makeup, SPF or grime from the day, but you will also give your skin the opportunity to absorb the products, so they don’t rub off onto your pillow.

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