Paying homage to our signature face oil

Signature face oil Sofia Latif
Our signature face oil

We have a new product launching soon, which we are very excited about. But before our attention inevitably goes towards the shiny newness of our under eye oil, we thought we would pay homage to our signature face oil, specifically the ingredients in it.

True, it is boring to read an ingredients list, but we promise to make it a little more interesting by showcasing each ingredient and what it does for our skin, which will explain why it made the cut and was included in the first place. We’ll also give you a sneak preview into whether any of these oils have ended up in our new product.



The first oil in our blend is organic sweet almond oil, selected because it is high in oleic acid, and rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and D, which are all needed by skins which are drier and in need of strengthening. Sensitive, dry skin tends to have a weaker skin barrier, so needs oils to help strengthen it whilst also providing moisture, and being anti-inflammatory. We love the fact sweet almond oil is easily absorbed by skin and soothes it so well.



The second ingredient in our face oil is rosehip oil, selected because it is a saviour for sensitive and dry skins too, as it also helps to strengthen skin. Those who don’t have sensitive skin love it too because it is rich in vitamin A (Trans-retinoic acid) which is a natural retinol, the aim of which is to assist in cell regeneration and increase levels of collagen and elastin. All of this helps to fade scars, increase elasticity in skin, and moisture levels, whilst plumping up lines and wrinkles, and not leaving skin feeling sensitised, as can be the case with standard retinol. Linoleic and linolenic acid are also rich in this oil, which make it a thinner and better able to be absorbed by skin, enabling it to work in the deeper layers of skin. This oil has made it into our under eye oil ❤️.



Our blend uses the oil from the seed of the marula fruit* as the third ingredient, selected because it is high in anti-oxidants which work to protect skin against damaging free radicals which are formed on the surface of the skin by environmental / external factors, such as pollution and UV. Oleic acid, just as in sweet almond oil, is rich which is great for dryer skins in need of moisture. Skin tone, firmness and elasticity are all improved by the vitamins C and E in marula seed oil, which helps to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Plumpness of skin reappears with this oil, which is why we have included it in our under eye oil ❤️.



The fourth ingredient is moringa seed oil which been selected for its unusual combination of actions on skin – it is a powerful anti-oxidant so helping to protect skin, it is anti-inflammatory so helping calm stressed skin, it is anti-bacterial so helping to keep skin clean, and it contains over 70% oleic acid so making it a very penetrative oil, getting into the deeper layers of skin to moisturise. It works hard to keep breakouts at bay whilst healing scars. We absolutely love moringa at SL Towers, even using superfood moringa powder in our smoothies and soups.



Oil number five is pomegranate seed oil, which has been selected for its punicic acid content. This omega 5 fatty acid stimulates the cells in the epidermis and promotes its regeneration. This action is what helps to improve skin tone, fade fine lines, and revitalise skin. It is also rich in polyphenols, making this oil anti-inflammatory, and rich in ellagic acid making it a punchy anti-oxidant, which we all love for protecting our skin. All of this combines to renew the health and elasticity of skin, which is why pomegranate seed oil has been included in our under eye oil ❤️.



Our use of jasmine essential oil as the sixth ingredient isn’t to provide fragrance to the blend, although the release of feel-good brain chemicals when smelling it is a great result, and is said to aid in boosting energy and confidence. We use it because of its anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating action, and how it helps to balance skin moisture, whilst increasing cell turnover to fade any scars left by a breakout.



Bulgarian rose essential oil is our penultimate ingredient, and has been used traditionally to reduce redness and calm the skin as it is both an astringent and an emollient. We have included it in our blend because it helps skin to increase its ability to retain moisture, which in turn helps skin to look and feel more plump, making the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles less defined. It also works hard to refine skin texture, making it appear more smooth.



Full disclosure – our last ingredient on our list wasn’t selected specifically for this blend. A number of the other oils in the blend contain vitamin E, so we didn’t feel the need, however, it is recommended by EU Regulations for cosmetic products that it is included because it is an anti-oxidant which helps ensure the essential oils do not oxidise when in contact with the air. Our Vitamin E is the natural form of it, and has also been included in our under eye oil.

So, there it is – the full list showcasing why they have been included in our signature face oil, plus a sneak preview of which ones have been included in our under eye oil.


* The marula fruit is famously known for making animals drunk who ate it after it had dropped from the tree and fermented. I would encourage you to google it because it is funny.

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