Bamboo Silk Eye Mask


Get that perfect night’s sleep with these Organic Bamboo Silk Sleep Masks from La’Aquarelle, ideal for those with sensitive skin.

The 4 layers of natural fabric block out the light, and the adjustable elastic secures the mask gently to your head, without leaving indentation marks on the side of your head or touching your eyes.

Bamboo silk is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. Each mask is hand made and hand dyed with activated charcoal and minerals, making these chemical free sleep masks.

Beauty sleep doesn’t get any better than this.

One colour option of charcoal grey.

Size of mask: 175mm x 95mm*

In stock


All 4 layers are made from natural fabric, including the filling, making this an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin. Colours may vary from photo shown.

* actual size may vary because the masks are hand made

Purchase with Purpose

We make a 5% donation of each sale to Lendwithcare, through whom we provide micro-loans to small business owners in low-income countries, empowering them in the growth of their own business.


Hand wash and air dry flat.

Do not expose to direct sunlight.


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