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I’ve had quite a few requests for empty bottles of face oil to be refilled, which is such a lovely idea that we are now looking at ways in which we can support you in your desire to reuse / recycle.

From what I can understand, current cosmetic regulations do not allow us to refill your bottles due to the need to maintain hygiene standards during the production process, but we are exploring the option of you returning your bottle to us, and we recycle it, whilst giving you a percentage discount off your next purchase. We would then recycle using a traceable service, where we know it is recycled properly. Again, this needs further investigation – bear with us whilst we figure all this out.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in as an interim solution, whilst we figure out how to set up refilling stations where you can take in your own bottle for a refill? The fact that we do not have a bricks and mortar store where you can come to refill your bottles is what prevents us from offering a refill service straight away.



I think our first port of call will be the zero waste stores that are popping up at the moment, where you can take in your own jars, bottles, and tins to stock up on dry goods such as rice and oats, and some even have shampoos and conditioners you can refill. Watch this space whilst we investigate the possibilities and understand how to navigate the cosmetic regulations.

Just know that we have heard you, and will look at ways to make refilling your bottles of face oil a reality. In the meantime, an interim solution of sending your bottles back to us for a discount could be an option. If this is something you are interested in, then please email us at, and we will provide instructions for a return for recycling service. A fair discount off your next purchase feels to be 25%.

I love the fact that you, our customers, are shaping how we do things here at SL Towers. Keep your suggestions coming in, please. You inspire us to be better and do better. Thank you 🙂

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