Should You Change Your Skincare In The Summer?

Should you change your skincare in the summer? summer skincare
Should you change your skincare in the summer? Image by Bernadette V from Pixabay

This summer’s schizophrenia has us all searching for ways we can feel cooler and lighter one minute and wrapping up warm the next. When it comes to the warmer weather, we change what we consume – eating something lighter and drinking something more refreshing and hydrating, so why not apply this approach to our skincare in the summer months?

We definitely believe that your skincare products and routine should change in the summer and today we are sharing our top tips for which products you should apply to your face, neck and décolletage at this time of year, especially now that we are coming out of lockdown.


Summer to us is all about embracing and enhancing your own radiance, whilst still prioritising caring for your skin.

So what do you need as part of your makeup bag and skincare routine for those summer days and nights?

During the day, we love to pare it back. A tinted moisturiser is a firm favourite; giving that no makeup, makeup look. Dewy, hydrating and often also protecting with its own SPF, this is a lighter choice for that little something on the skin when it isn’t a bare-face day for you. Our usual foundations can look and feel heavy, plus they can contribute to a breakout and clogged pores as they mix with sweat and build up excess oil. Where possible, skip your liquid or powder foundation and choose a tinted moisturiser, complemented by a cream formula blush in a colour that suits your skin tone.

Another product we can’t go without having in our summer skincare arsenal is a protecting and hydrating lip balm. Your lips and the skin around them are prone to sunburn so using a balm, gloss or lipstick with SPF is a must. We prefer a tinted lip balm for the warmer weather; it’s all about the subtle colour! You can also finish off your look with a light mist of setting spray – refreshing AND it helps to keep everything in place!

We would recommend continuing to cleanse twice a day, however you could swap your morning cleanser for something lighter like a micellar water. For your nighttime routine, a double cleanse will help to remove everything that has built up during the day. As your skin sweats and more oil is produced during the summer, cleansing, followed by a gentle non-abrasive exfoliator once a week is not only an essential part of your routine but feels great too!

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Just as you’ve switched out your foundation, we also suggest swapping to a light-weight, water-based moisturiser. As you get ready in the morning, you can decide between a moisturiser with SPF or combine this with your standalone sunscreen depending upon the protection you need. For the evening, choose one without SPF to get the most out of the product.

A face oil like ours might seem like it’s too dense for the summer, but a drop or two at night will help you to glow throughout the day. Naturally rich in vitamins and antioxidants, this will ensure your skin looks and feels healthy when you wake up. As you sleep, your body rests, recovers and rejuvenates, meaning it’s the ideal time to cleanse away the day and give your skin a treat. Going without makeup during the day? Apply a drop or two to your SPF and wear alone.

Let’s not forget that our eyes and the area around them is rather sensitive to the sunshine which can be harsh on such a delicate area. We suggest wearing your favourite sunglasses as much as possible during the day, and always apply SPF under your eyes too. At night gently massage our eye oil around the eye contour area for hydration and boosted circulation.


Maintaining a healthy glow is also made possible through using SPF as part of your routine – makeup or no makeup, sunny day or rainy day, light skinned or dark skinned. One thing many people forget is that SPF shouldn’t just be used in summer or on those days where you can tell it’s hot and bright. Clouds and rain do not block the rays which could mean that you are leaving your skin exposed to harm.

So what is SPF?

SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is a measure of sunscreen protection from UVB (ultraviolet-B) rays which are responsible for sunburn, skin cancer and premature ageing of the skin. Ranging from SPF6 (low protection – this means that it will take 6x longer for the sun to burn your skin than if you had no sunscreen on) to SPF50+ (very high protection), finding the right level of protection for you and re-applying it regularly is really important. However, this is not the only thing to consider. Selecting an SPF which also protects against dangerous UVA rays (which penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin and can even reach you through glass windows) is essential too.

We recommend owning more than one SPF – both in your makeup/skincare and as a solo product, with varying levels of protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Apply as appropriate throughout the day, removing at night to allow your skin to breathe and reap the benefits of your moisturiser, face oil and/or serum.

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Remember, the sun is at its strongest between 10am and 3pm – this can be extended the closer to the Equator you are. If you are able to minimise your time outside during these hours and consistently use SPF, you can reduce the impact of the sun’s rays on your skin.


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