Should you cleanse your face in the morning?

Cleanse your face in the morning
To cleanse or not to cleanse in the morning?

I’ve seen quite a few articles recently, suggesting we shouldn’t cleanse / wash our skin in the morning. What are your thoughts? To wash or not to wash first thing in the morning?

It comes down to personal choice doesn’t it, but why wouldn’t you? If you shower every morning, then why not also cleanse your face? My take on it is that cleansed skin is being allowed to breathe which contributes to its health. Note, I am saying cleanse your face and not necessarily wash. Anything containing SLS or SLES being used on skin is too harsh, especially first thing in the morning.


What the no-cleanse-brigade are saying

The cleanse-in-the-morning naysayers suggest that removing the natural oils and dead cells from skin leaves it open to the elements, and that the dead cells offer some sort of protection / barrier. The science behind this doesn’t stack up, because dead cells can combine with sebum to block pores, which can create inflammation in the form of comedones appearing under the skin (blackheads and whiteheads). Our hair, hands, pillowcases, duvets, etc, touch our faces overnight and may transfer unwanted dirt on to our skin. Building layers of more product on top of this is unlikely to help with overall skin health.


The type of cleanser you use will make the most difference

The type of cleanser used influences how much of your skin’s natural oil is stripped – if you go for something like an exfoliating wash or an SLS-containing face wash, then more oils will be stripped and more dead cells which are not quite ready to be exfoliated will be removed. This could, potentially, be more harmful to skin, but only you will know what it is your skin needs in the morning. You will be able to see in the mirror if skin is dull and in need of an exfoliation or if it is fine and a gentle cleanse with micellar water will be enough.


Know your skin

The upshot is, work with the natural health of your skin. Observe it and respond to it depending on what you see and feel. Give it a deep clean if that is what it needs or give it a gentle one if that is what feels right for it. But clean it every morning. Remove the night’s sleep from skin. Freshen it, hydrate it. And make it ready for the lovely skincare products you will be applying, and the day ahead. It’s the only way I know to wake up.

Let me know what you think of the no-cleanse-in-the-morning ritual by commenting below.

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