Skin Sessions With Sofia

Skin sessions with Sofia

Having suffered with stress eczema in her late 20s, Sofia has worked hard to create and maintain balanced and healthy skin. Her knowledge and experience spans 15 years, and she wants to share this directly with you. She knows what it’s like when mainstream products are not designed for everyone in mind.

“My skin session with Sofia was very enjoyable & far exceeded my expectations. Sofia is very easy to talk to; she actively listened to my concerns and addressed them one by one. I came away with increased confidence in my abilities to maintain, and maximise, my skin health and holistic advice to put into practice. I love Sofia’s ability to recommend products across other brands, and there was no pressure to make any purchases. Thank you for your time, Sofia!”.

Caroline, after her skin session with Sofia.

One-To-One Skin Sessions

Skin Sessions are one-to-one online consultations with Sofia, when she will understand how your skin feels to you, and provide tailored recommendations for any skincare or scalp care issues or concerns you may have. These sessions are designed to help you, with each being unique because your skin and scalp are unique; learn about the power of oils, how to incorporate them into your current beauty routine, or ask anything else from the bank of her knowledge and experience that spans over 15 years. Because oils can be used alongside other skincare and haircare products, Sofia can remain objective in her recommendations of products to use.

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