Using Your Skincare Routine As A Form Of Self Care


Skincare Self Care
Skincare Routine As A Form Of Self-Care. Photo by Anna-Marie

When we put ourselves first, we build up the energy and reserves to be able to show up for and give to others. Making time for ourselves comes in many forms, such as going for a run, having a cup of tea in your favourite armchair before everyone wakes up, running a bath, reading your favourite book, doing some yoga, meditating, cooking your favourite meal… the list is endless.

However, one overlooked form of self-care is your skincare routine. With so many of us leading such busy and fast lives, each process has become a chore rather than an enjoyable, therapeutic experience. For us, it’s about recognising the powerful mindfulness benefits it provides; no longer making it about just removing the dirt and makeup from the day, or putting on a face mask as a quick ‘fix’ to a skin concern that’s arisen. It’s about wholly embracing those precious moments at the start or end of the day when you can reconnect with your mind and body, and take care of your skin.

Just as drinking enough water and eating healthily helps you to feel good about yourself, your skincare routine can do the same. When our skin is happy, bright and glowing as a result of us giving it the TLC it deserves, we find that we feel more confident, our self-esteem is increased and our mood is boosted. Improved mental health comes from us making positive choices around aspects we can control, and looking after ourselves from the inside and outside is one of those things.



  • Turning your skincare routine into a self-caring opportunity can be simple. It starts with slowing down and dedicating that time entirely to being present in the moment. Rather than rushing through each stage, allow yourself those precious minutes as each product directs. One thing a lot of us find challenging is to just be – to sit, not doing anything. This is a great way to practise this, without your phone or the need to multitask. By slowing down, you are becoming more aware of everything going on.
  • To maximise these moments, take yourself into a quiet space, such as your bathroom, where you can be alone and hold space for yourself.
  • Make the whole process into a calming, pampering and sensual experience every time. You don’t need to book into a beauty salon or spa to achieve this, nor does this need to be a time-consuming concept. Light candles, listen to your favourite relaxing playlist, pour yourself a refreshing, hydrating drink – whatever works for you.
  • Begin by looking at your skin in the mirror, paying close attention to how it looks and feels each time you do so. There are many reasons why our skin changes – from our lifestyle to environmental factors to the products we apply and more. By starting in this way we can adapt our routine. Ask yourself what your skin needs from you on each particular day and treat it accordingly. Does your face look puffy? Have you had a breakout? Do you need more hydration? More sleep or less caffeine? Are the products you are using suited to your skin? You are also creating a closer bond with your skin, seeing it with kinder eyes and appreciating its strength.


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  • Also notice everything you smell, touch, see, taste and hear. As you progress through each stage of your routine, just begin to notice the different smells, how each step feels, the texture of the products etc. Choose products with natural, sustainable ingredients which truly serve a purpose, are kind to skin and deliver on beautiful fragrances that enhance the senses and the mind. Pick out each scent and their notes, and give yourself an aromatherapy session in your own home. Slowly work each product into your skin through massage. We love using a face roller with our oil, applying gentle pressure and focusing our mind onto how the movements feel as it glides across the skin. This can be extremely relaxing and a deeper massage is more effective for the skin.


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  • Follow the routine with a few more minutes to yourself to engage in meditation or journaling. We’re big fans of focusing on our breathing and writing down what we’re grateful for at the end of each day!



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