Sofia In Conversation With Nadira V Persaud

A friend, an inspiration, as well as make up artist, beauty expert and author of Press Here Face Workouts for Beginners, I am delighted to share with you my conversation with Nadira, to learn more about her tips on skincare, wellbeing and, of course, face workouts.


S: We are going through a profound period of change. What has been your number one way to keep on top of your wellbeing during this time? How do you stay positive?


N: Given that we haven’t experienced anything like this in our lifetime what has helped me is to accept the low days and that my feelings are normal. Over the weeks, my moods have changed from feeling close to my usual happy self to utter sadness but the more I gave myself permission to feel what I am feeling, the more I’ve found I can ride that ‘wave’ knowing it’s temporary.

In addition to this, I have made sure I have been outside each day regardless of the weather to exercise ie. going for walks or cycling. Stepping away from devices to observe exterior surroundings or turning to empowering podcasts have allowed me to focus on my breathing and steer myself away from pangs of anxiety.

As a freelancer I’ve missed the buzz of accomplishing goals, big or small, therefore, I’ve turned my focus to strengthening my core and abs which allows me to focus on my breathing, better my alignment and feel physically stronger.



S: You can now add author to your impressive career. Your recently published book Press Here Face Workouts for Beginners has gone global. What are your top 3 go-to facial exercises that you cannot live without?


N: I was taught Full Face Circulation from a young age and it has remained a favourite of mine to perform at times when I need a mindful moment to refocus, though ultimately this relieves tension in the mid part of the face around the mouth and jaw.  Face exercises are not only about toning and achieving razor sharp cheekbones, though these goals are very much achievable, however, one must release the stiffness and knots before manipulating key areas, hence why this exercise is a wonderful way to wake up the face.

Eye Sweeps are a brilliant way to quickly disperse fluid under the eye. The light press and sweeping outwards tends to puffiness and ideal to do using an eye cream or eye oil plus it’s a great way to revive under eyes after long periods of screen time.

My Intense Definer exercise tackles trauma lines (marionettes) beside the mouth that can appear through crisis. This exercise not only intensely inactivates muscles but instantly relieves around the mouth, in areas you might be unaware of carrying tension.




S: What advice would you give our readers on general skin maintenance?


N: There is no quick fix to healthy skin as it is a long-term commitment that should apply twice daily therefore, always consider the ingredients and integrity of your skincare, tend to your skin as you would nurturing a child’s. Your routine doesn’t have to be complex with a number of steps; a simple streamlined one that works for you is all you need.



S: You have beautiful skin that has clearly been cared for. How do you respond to people who say your beautiful skin is all down to genetics?


N: There is some truth that genetics is a factor however, we also pass down personal habits such as no regard for skincare and its importance, as it might be deemed vanity. I’ve met many people of all ages from many walks of life and cultural backgrounds with incredible skin with a few common factors being lifestyle, diet and some form of skin ritual.

My upbringing was centred around foods rich in nutrients, home remedies and looking after your skin. It was drummed into us from a young age almost perceived as ‘common sense’ as if ‘why wouldn’t you moisturise your skin after a shower?’ Tending to my skin is second nature so to those who have no regime, it’s never too late!



S: How did you know you wanted a career in beauty?

Nadira in action


N: Since a young age I had a keen interest in the Arts, History and Music and it was evident I was more creative than academic. It wasn’t until I dropped out of an Art Foundation Course after getting 3 unconditional offers with A grades that a Careers Advisor suggested job titles such as Fashion Designer and Make-up Artist, which I thought were unobtainable, yet I swiftly applied and was accepted on to Theatre Studies (Make up) BTEC HND at the London College of Fashion in the early 90’s. This 2 year course allowed me to apply my interests creatively and learn steadfast skills. As a Make-up Artist I find this still appeals to my love of art even though I’ve just switched medium.




S: A request from one of our readers – what are your top 3 natural make up tips for over 50s?


  • To get the most out of your lashes invest in quality eyelash curlers for optimum lift and to steer you towards the appearance of wider eyes. Along with this, consider mascaras from natural brands which offer nourishing ingredients which are also ideal for sensitive eyes. I love and recommend RMK Eyelash Curler and Burt’s Bees Nourishing Mascara.



  • Brows can thin with age, therefore, choose a brow mascara which offers a hint of colour and sets in place whilst offering a softer finish than pencils or powders. I love and recommend Blink Brow Bar Brow Build Gel.




Thank you so much Nadira 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed speaking with Nadira. Her book Press Here Face Workouts for Beginners is available from these stockists

I love my book, and try out different workouts every week. Why not give yourself the gift of a naturally toned and defined face.

Face Workouts for Beginners by Nadira V Persaud is published by Fair Winds Press


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