Spring Clean Your Beauty & Wellbeing Routine

spring clean beauty routine
Spring Clean Your Beauty And Wellbeing Routine. Photo by Paulynn

It feels like we are coming out of hibernation with the days getting longer and brighter, and little blossoms appearing on trees, all giving us a sense of excitement and possibility. Spring is a wonderful season to birth new morning habits and spring clean your home, beauty and wellbeing routine. With lighter mornings helping us to get up a little earlier, we’re presented with an opportunity to set ourselves up for a great start to the day and create an organised, uplifting space where we can reconnect with ourselves. When we begin each morning by making time for number one, setting intentions and having a few mindful moments, we carve the way for a calm and centred day where we can show up for ourselves and others.


Switch up products for the new season. Just like we change our wardrobes and pack away our layers, for spring we don’t need the fuller coverage or as many beauty products as we opted for in winter. Many of us will tend to swap matte/satin bases for dewy ones and increase the SPF factor we use; letting our skin breathe, giving it the extra protection it needs and brightening up our colours. Some of our skincare will need to change to adapt to our changing skin too in the form of lighter moisturisers, perhaps a DIY toner and face & body exfoliators. Ask yourself whether you need all of the extra products you have accumulated over winter – do these still need to be in your makeup bag, on your dressing table or kept in the bathroom? Or could you donate any that are unused, store them away, or repurpose empty jars and pumps?

Avoid keeping products in your bathroom or on windowsills as the humidity, temperature changes and direct sunlight can affect their shelf life. Instead, store these in a cool, dry place such as in a cabinet or drawer.

Clear out products which won’t last until next winter. Remember, some of these may not keep. Most products will have a Period After Opening date in the form of an open jar containing a number followed by the letter M (e.g. 6M or 12M) to indicate how long the product should be kept for once opened. For example, most cleansers, toners, serums, face oils, and moisturisers will last 6-12 months, whereas many face masks will only last up to 3 months. Of course, this is dependent upon the ingredients – the more active ingredients, the less effective they will become over a longer period of time. You will also know whether a product has ‘gone off’ due to its smell, colour, texture and whether it is still having the same impact on your skin as it previously was. Continuing to use these products can cause skin irritation and breakouts so it is important to pay attention to any changes in your skin’s appearance and how it feels.

To avoid wasting products that won’t last until next winter, use any remaining product sparingly or apply to your body or hands, which can be drier due to the different products we use. Alternatively, add a small amount of your winter moisturiser or serum to your foundation to create more of a dewy look. You can also write down the date or add your own label so you can keep track of when you first opened each product, to make this step much quicker and easier!

Wash your make-up brushes. Our brushes can contain oils from our skin, excess make-up, dead skin cells and yes, tiny little creatures that we are unable to see with the naked eye. I love to use a Foamie shampoo bar to clean her brushes, but you can also use a mild soap or gentle face cleanser. Wash each brush individually, taking each one and holding it downwards under warm water, gently massaging the bristles and letting the water run until it’s clear. Squeeze out any excess water, lay each brush flat to dry with the bristles hanging over the edge of the surface. This will allow the air to circulate all around the brush and dry fully. Give your brushes a few hours to dry or better still, leave overnight, and once dry, reshape the bristles.

Don’t forget to regularly clean the inside of your makeup bag too as bacteria can reside there. Use a naturally-derived, plant-based cleaning product such as method’s anti-bac and leave to dry after wiping.

Wash your hairbrushes. Start by removing excess hair from the brush, pulling away with your fingers or a pointed comb and using scissors for the stubborn hairs wrapped around the bristles. Pour warm water into a bowl or sink and add a few drops of gentle shampoo. If your brush is plastic, you can entirely submerge this; if your brush is made of bamboo or similar materials, only submerge the bristles to avoid any damage. For a deeper clean, you can use an old toothbrush and scrub each bristle, starting at the base and working upwards before rinsing under cool water. Leave to air dry on a clean cloth/towel with the bristles facing down.

Let more light in. Both metaphorically and in reality, allow more light into your home and your life. Feel the fresh air sweep through your home and the rays of sunshine through your windows. Treat yourself to some flowers, pick up some in-season fruit and vegetables, try to get out into nature more frequently, freshen up your bed linen, take up a new hobby or return to something that previously sparked joy, workout outdoors, make your own refreshing beverage to help you to stay hydrated – whatever it is that brings you that feeling of pleasure, inspires you and helps you to embrace the changing seasons.


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