Tips for naturally reducing puffiness under eyes

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Reducing puffiness under eyes

Puffiness under eyes and bags are common complaints, and we all suffer from them from time to time. Sadly, there is no magic cure for puffiness under eyes but a reduction in the severity of it is possible, with some lifestyle changes and new habits.


What causes puffiness under eyes

The skin around eyes is thin, delicate, and sensitive to the environment, as well as lifestyle factors (a poor night’s sleep, salty diet, stress, or allergies). Puffiness is the result of fluid building up under the the skin as it becomes looser, which happens as the subcutaneous fat under the skin decreases with age. The degree to which this happens is genetic / runs in the family.


Some tips for naturally reducing puffiness under eyes

An eye massage or tapping the area around eyes, every morning and night will encourage lymphatic drainage of the area. After applying some eye oil or eye cream, work from the inner to outer areas along the socket bone under the eyes and then along the top from outer to inner along the socket / brow bone above the eyes, using either fingers (ring fingers for gentleness) or the small end of a face roller.

Upping hydration levels by drinking more water will help with puffiness that occurs as a result of water retention or a salty meal. A great habit is to drink a large glass of water on waking, to hydrate the body after sleep. Tea, coffee, and alcohol can be dehydrating, so drinking extra water can counteract the effects.

The age old trick of cold compress works well too, as it constricts the blood vessels preventing more blood and therefore fluid from getting to the area – the back of a cold spoon, cold tea bags, or a face roller that has been kept in the fridge can all be used to cool the area.


Some tips for preventing puffiness under eyes 

Removing make up every night with an oil based cleanser will prevent any unnecessary build up of mascara and eye liner in and around lids, as well as prevent any allergic reactions in the form of puffy eyes.

Using a nourishing eye treatment designed to encourage skin regeneration and collagen production will build strength in the skin under eyes, helping it to spring back into shape.

Protecting the delicate skin under eyes with an SPF will help prevent the skin from becoming damaged and weakened by free radicals formed by sun exposure.

Hydration, hydration, hydration.

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