Award-winning Pro-ageing Simplified Skincare

Sofia Latif Vegan Hair Skin


SOFIA LATIF is pro-ageing, simplified skincare, connecting women with their raw beauty. Nurturing an attitude of inner confidence and knowing, a slowing down and an understanding that their raw beauty is enough.

Our blends respect the differences in skin that come with age, regenerating and strengthening with pure seeds and flower oils. A fusion of Indian and African wisdom brought to life through experience, hand-crafted in small batches with a planet-conscious ethos.

Our mission is to give women the confidence to show off their skin and hair as these change with age, without the need for complicated beauty routines. Using the time at the end of each day to reconnect mind to senses, soothing mood and skin at the same time is a more holistic approach to wellbeing.

Pro-ageing, simplified skincare. Vegan, waterless, cruelty free. Made in the UK.


A message from our Founder:

I’ve developed a range of elixirs which work, having used them on myself for over 15 years. Luxuriate in simplified skincare that is effective and make it the last step in your skincare routine every night.

Get ready to connect with your raw beauty,






We’re More Than Just About Skincare

We have a social purpose too – we support female small business owners in low-income countries by providing them with micro-loans, so that they may grow their business and support themselves and their families with dignity.



Individual results may vary.

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