What does healthy skin mean to you?

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Healthy skin can mean so many different things… calm, strong, supple, and balanced, are my personal descriptors. For me it means having confidence in my skin, and that it is OK for it not to be picture perfect (whatever that is). I have learnt to accept my skin how it is and all its idiosyncrasies. I want to be able to have days when I cleanse and apply some face oil, and then go out without feeling the need for extra layers of product to hide my skin.

For me healthy skin also means that it doesn’t react to stress in the way that it used to; that it doesn’t have eczema to contend with, on my face or on my body; that it is able to function without the use of medication to heal eczema patches. There is only healthy skin, and perfect skin is a myth.



Healthy skin feels good to be in, naturally glows, has lines and pores, and is comfortable. Anyone who suffers from eczema will know that comfortable skin is nirvana. I have been striving for that comfort for years, and it has come from an overhaul of so many things – attitude, nutrition, hydration, products – I cannot attribute it to one single element. They all work together.

Being mindful of the products I use has played its part, from washing powders to shower gels, from foundations to eye make up removers… I have had to educate myself on what does and doesn’t suit my skin. The main thing I have learnt is that my skin doesn’t do as well when using synthetic ingredients 24/7. I need to let it rest with natural products at least some of the time, and that is why I am a sucker for face oils. The natural oils let my skin breathe, recover, rejuvenate (I use them at night when skin is busy regenerating itself).

What about you? What does healthy skin mean to you? What steps are you taking? Please leave comments and thoughts below. I am sure I can learn from you too :).

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