What is #MySkinIsMe?

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What is #MySkinIsMe?

Our mission is to give women whose skin has changed with age healthy, supple and elastic skin regardless of skin type*. It’s something we feel passionately about, but it’s also important to acknowledge everyone is on their own journey with their skin, so while we look at all skin and see beauty, we recognise that’s not what everyone sees in themselves.

This is why we launched the campaign #MySkinIsMe to remind ourselves that skin’s ability to do its job is the most important thing to focus on, not how visible pores or scars are. As a brand we want to dispel the myth of perfect skin and help women feel comfortable to show off their skin with confidence. Through everything we say and do, we encourage you to see your skin through kind, not critical, eyes and to notice what is good about your skin.



Our belief is that all skin is beautiful and deserves to be looked after with clean, wholesome, pure products. We feel strongly that caring for this area of ourselves can help us become comfortable with things like open pores, lines, scarring and pigmentation that are often seen as undesirable but actually don’t mean skin is unhealthy. By being mindful of what goes in and on our bodies, letting skin breathe with natural products and incorporating a regular face massage before bed, these concerns can be improved along with a person’s overall wellbeing.

The truth is, just like our bodies, our skin can be healthy and strong if we look after it and spend time on it, nourishing it with the right things. So, if you’re a woman whose skin may not be as supple as it was, or whose current products are not so effective anymore, or you are simply interested in buying natural products from purpose-led brands, take a look around as we can help.

You can also join in the conversation and help us spread the word by following #MySkinIsMe on Facebook and Instagram. We can’t wait to see you there and talking to you some more!


*Except those sensitive to essential oils

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