What’s oil got to do with it?

jasmine essential oil for face oil
Jasmine essential oil – a key ingredient in my blend of face oil

Walk into any Space NK or Boots or department store, and you’re inundated with all the different products that can be used to lift, plump, smooth, refine, hydrate, tone, tighten… it can be a bit of a minefield, even for a beauty addict like me. It is one of the reasons I started using face oils… life became simpler very quickly, and less sticky! I use face oils at night, and find that night creams can be thick and sticky, leading to blocked pores and congested skin – not the fresh plump looking skin I am after. Night balms on the other hand…. but that is a story for another day.



Back to oils – for anyone wanting to ramp up their skincare routine, whilst keeping things simple, then consider using a face oil. I wouldn’t suggest changing anything else yet, not until you’ve exhausted all the uses of a face oil and have gotten used to it being a part of your skincare routine.

I have found oils can be used on their own at night or added to a moisturiser to boost its effects during the day. Admittedly, my skin is sensitive and dry (i.e. it feels tight after cleansing) so oils have helped to calm my skin when it is feeling reactive or add a bit more oomph to my moisturiser when my skin is feeling particularly dry. I even use oil in the morning on a day when I am not going out or wearing makeup.

“Why use an oil at all?” I hear you say. For me, it has been the simplest way to keep skin supple, whilst allowing it to wrinkle gracefully. The more supple the skin, the more stretch and elasticity it has, allowing it to move freely with the expressions on your face, and ping back into place after a smile or a frown or a squint – I can do all three during the course of just one conversation!

Personally, I haven’t found a night moisturiser which hasn’t congested my skin, which is where a face oil has helped to simplify my skincare routine – it has minimised the need to use a face mask to reverse the congestion caused by said night cream – it can be a bit of an annoying and expensive cycle. Using an oil has also made me spend a bit more time massaging my skin until it is all absorbed, with the massaging action helping to smooth out tension and wrinkles from the day, whilst pushing product deeper into skin.

If you’re looking for facial massage tools, then our rose quartz face roller could be an option. But if that is a step too far, then fingers massaging oil in the direction as shown in the picture below will do just fine. Please don’t forget your neck and décolleté – here I would suggest massaging the oil in upward motions so as to tease skin back into place. Happy massaging 🙂

face massage technique
Face oil massage technique





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