Your Skincare Routine – A Chance To Mindfully Unwind

Mindful Skincare
Your Skincare Routine – A Chance To Mindfully Unwind. Photo by Pro-Stock Studio

At the end of a busy day, a little self-care can go a long way to restoring your energy and lifting your mood, so you can better take care of yourself and others. Just as you might cook a meal or go for a run to give yourself space to slow down, your skincare routine is another opportunity to unwind by spending ten minutes mindfully taking off the day, while also paying special attention to your skin.

Why mindfulness makes a difference

Mindfulness is about being fully present in your chosen activity, whether it’s working, exercising or taking a bath. When it comes to your skincare routine, this means really focusing on the feel of your skin as your fingers glide across your cheeks, the warmth of your touch and the way that different areas stretch and relax as you massage your face and neck.

According to research, regular mindfulness can improve our overall wellbeing, by helping us to appreciate the things we sometimes take for granted. Mindfulness also helps us to form deeper connections with others and ourselves because we are fully involved in an activity, rather than pondering over the past or imagining the future.

Physically, mindfulness can lower blood pressure, improve sleep and chronic pain, while mentally, it can help to manage anxiety among other conditions.

How to create a mindful skincare routine

For a mindful skincare routine of your own, carry out each step of your usual skincare routine with especial purpose and focus. Set yourself up to fully unwind by beginning your routine at a time of the day when you know you can take as long as you need. Then:

  • cleanse your face and neck with slow and deliberate movements. Feel the cleansing fabric against your skin and the light pressure as you work your way around your face. Once you’ve completed your first round of cleansing, begin another with the same gentle slowness.
  • pat in your serum with your fingers. Focus on the warmth of each finger on your skin and then the slight change in temperature as you pull away. Enjoy the sensation of the serum as it nourishes your skin.
  • add a few drops of face oil to the palm of your hand, lightly rub your hands together and massage your face slowly, using my facial massage techniques. Focus on the area of pressure and the movement of your skin under your fingers. Also take a moment to breathe deeply and experience the scent of the oil. Take a few deep breaths now, counting in for four and then slowly out for the same number.

Embrace the story of your skin

A mindful skincare routine is all about awareness and noticing the sensations that occur as you carry out each part of your routine. Importantly, it’s not about judgement. Our skin works so hard to protect us and goes through natural changes throughout our lives. So, enjoy your skincare routine as an opportunity to appreciate it and embrace its story and beauty, while also mindfully relaxing into the rest of your day.

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